3 February 2014

There isn’t a whole lot to update here, the month of January felt like one big snow day, and I think Corrigan only made it to school eight days the entire month.  We woke to another 6-7 inches of snow this morning, with some weather reports predicting two more winter-weather events this week. *sigh*

We normally hunker-down (yep, redneck y’all) these winter months anyway, in an attempt to avoid the germs and viruses that can make Corrigan very sick, so the weather is just making it easier for us to stay home and not feel a little resentful about it all. Well, that and a crashed (and totaled) car. That’ll keep you home too.

The boys are doing well, pretty sure Connor pulled out straight A’s again this last nine weeks and Corrigan is doing great too-learning a new communication program on the school iPad and also doing great with his reading program as well.  We used to do private speech therapy, on top of school-provided speech therapy, but once he was in school full-time we lost our noon therapy spot and are on a wait-list for a coveted after-school time.  So for now, he only gets speech in school and we will resume private therapy during the summer, and I cannot wait for Angela to hear his improvements! She isn’t going to believe it!

Told you there wasn’t much to report.  We are just keeping warm, hanging out and waiting for Spring. Oh, and eating PopRocks for the first time.


This kid. ha!

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