weekend: February 2014 (part 2)

So the picnic I mentioned in the last post…perhaps we were rushing Spring a bit?  We went to our favorite trail, near the scenic railroad, but it hasn’t been touched for the entire winter and snow was several feet deep.  When we turned the car around to find somewhere else to set up our stuff, Corrigan lost. his. mind. and screamed and screamed.  Took me a few minutes to realize that he remembered the last time we were there, and he got to see the Steam Engine up close and personal, so to arrive and then immediately leave was his version of driving up to DisneyWorld, making sure the kids got a good look at where they were, and then saying “Just kidding! Let’s go to Walmart instead!”

He forgave us.

But only because he next realized we were driving toward a playground.

Then we noticed that the entire community park was also covered in untouched snow as well, but we were not risking another Corrigan freakout, or he’d never trust us again, so we trudged through the white stuff to the pavilion, ate now-cold subs in the shade while 20MPH winds whipped through the tables, and wondered why we didn’t all wear better shoes.  *sigh*  Hey, we tried.

That’s gotta count for something, right?

Anyway, it was cold, snow covered and windy as heck, but it was good to blow off some of the winter stink and end up with some pink cheeks.

Photos, because me.

snow park 1 sr
(he looks thrilled)

snow park 2 sr
I remember when I was light enough to walk on top of the snow, NEVER.

snow park 3 sr
A tentative wave from the top of the big slide

snow park 6 sr

(I asked him to show his brother how to go down the big, scary slide…uh…thanks?!)

snow park 5 sr
(another shot of the elusive smile of the male teenager- twice in one year, booyah!)

snow park 4 sr

The sky. Oh my, the sky. My photos do it zero justice.

Less than a month until Spring, it can’t get here fast enough!

Your comments are appreciated!

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