after practice

I forgot to blog these photos from last week.

The sun was going down after his first soccer practice and Big Brother and Daddy had gone to get the car. I begged and begged him to look at me, to smile at least, but Corrigan rarely sits on command and never ever smiles when asked. To be honest, I don’t know if he even understands what exactly a smile is, let alone how to create one on-cue.  So, as usual, I instead photographed him as he is, a contradiction. Distracted but focused, jumping from spot to spot, some part of his body always in motion, whether that be hands moving, feet stomping or tongue chirping beloved repeated phrases – what an older observer might describe as “ants in his pants”-eyes mainly focused on the airplane that he spotted in the hazy sky. I might as well not even have been there.

These are so him.

corrigan AC 1 fr copy

Corrigan AC 3 fr

Corrigan AC 2 fr

Corrigan AC 5 fr

Corrigan AC 4 fr

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