28 April 2014

We were blessed with such beautiful Spring weather here in Maryland this weekend!  Corrigan and I didn’t even get in the car the last two days, but we still had a great Saturday and Sunday hanging out at the house. Well, the backyard that is.

There were so many muddy and grass-stained jeans to wash, mud to dig out from treads of little shoes and we used a lot of bubble bath each evening, but Corrigan was so happy to be out in the yard so every single bit of clean-up was worth the work.  When he spends hours out in the sunshine and expending energy, his meltdowns…well…they melt away.  I’m sorry, that was cheesy.  Anyway, no meltdowns this weekend!  No whining! He slept like any other kid, 11-12 hours each night!  So many exclamation points, I know.

He didn’t eat much by mouth, but he was more than willing to take fluids and drink frequently, at one point he had a drink in both hands and had no problem keeping himself hydrated.  I spent a lot of time online each evening, scouring the internet for birthday ideas (may 28th!) that will enhance his play space outside so that we can enjoy Spring and Summer close to home, where he obviously feels safest.  I’ve been researching swing sets and play sets, but those are so far out of budget, they might as well be yachts, and I was sad to realize that the only good tree in the backyard for a platform swing is dead and actually needs to be taken down pretty soon or some power lines are going to be very unhappy.  So what is left?  Tried and true things like a sprinkler or a small inflatable pool would thrill him just fine, I just want to see more of the thing I spotted this weekend, and I almost don’t care the cost.

I just want to see more of this…

so many reasons to be happy
That’s a real smile, right there. That’s joy, baby!

One thought on “28 April 2014

  1. It’s so nice to see him so expressive and happy. He’s grown taller and has a more mature look as well! We just celebrated Abbey’s 5th birthday this weekend. We had multiple themes going on from princess to clowns and rainbows! LOL


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