Independence Day Weekend Photo Dump.

We had family in town for the 4th of July and had a wonderful time. The weather was mild and beautiful and Corrigan got to stay up and see the fireworks for the very first time this year!  We went to a petting zoo, did a little swimming and ate way too much food.  I’m sharing only the photos of my own kids, since this blog is wide open to the world, but we had so much fun with the Florida cousins last week and the youngest cousin this weekend- it is so nice to see our loved ones!

Here are just a few of my favorites from this weekend…

4th July 1


4th July 2


4th July 3


4th July 4


4th July 6


4th July 5


water jet fr


4th July 8


4th July 7


4th July 10


4th July 9


4th July 11


4th July 12


4th July 13


4th July 14

11 thoughts on “Independence Day Weekend Photo Dump.

  1. Lovely pics mindy, we had first taste of baby joe being hospitalised for virus but only for 3 days, hes good now though thankfully xx


    • Oh no, Angela- I am sorry Joe caught a virus so soon…I am happy to hear the stay was brief though! Did his ammonia get too high?


    • Angela, I would have to check, but I think that he was born in May and didn’t have his 1st elevated ammonia until the Autumn months. They call that time between the neonatal crisis, and the next crisis the “honeymoon period” and most kids are pretty stable the first few months as long as everything is done correctly and risk of sickness is reduced. I will check the date for sure though and get back to you. So glad that ammonia stayed down, 57 is pretty good for fighting a virus! Strong boy!


      • okay, wrong again, my memory isn’t great anymore, too many years of sleep deprivation I think! lol. Good thing I blogged it all and kept notes, or I’d be lost. I made a post about all of the numbers for his 1st year of life here

        It looks like we went to a regular clinic appointment and it was elevated in August 2008 but then not again until November 2008. I would have to go back and read, but there were a time or two his ammonia came back high, he was admitted, and then repeat labs showed it so low, they assume the results must have been flawed. After that, we made them do an arterial stick (which requires a physician in our case, not a lab tech) to confirm or deny the original result before admitting.


  2. Thanks mindy for your feedback hopefully joe will remain stable its such a scary condition but my brother and partner are coping well xx


  3. I am so glad. Thank you so so much for coming back once in awhile and updating me on Joe’s health. It is an honor to pray for that little boy and his very strong parents.


  4. pictures look good i joe dad from.liverpool england my son is joe and got same as your son can ask u what he eats ? jason gray


    • I remember you, Jason. Oddly, I have a lifelong friend with the same first and last name as you do, so it is easy for me to remember that you are Joe’s Daddy.

      When Corrigan was a baby, he only drank the special metabolic formula prescribed by his metabolic doctor. Eventually, under the supervision of a metabolic dietitian, we added fruits in the form of baby food. We had to pre-weigh the amount BEFORE we fed him and then weigh what he didn’t eat to calculate his specific intake. He ate baby food (mostly fruits and veggies only) until he was nearly 2 years old, when he stopped desiring to eat at all (which occurs often with children with Urea Cycle Disorders) and he needed to have a feeding tube put into his belly. He still eats a little by mouth, mostly fruits still, but he does love potatoes and pasta, but again- we have to carefully weigh/measure every single bit of food that he eats in order to make sure that he doesn’t get too much protein which would make him very sick.

      Hope this helps!


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