just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….

Summer is still going great though there are only a few days of summer school remaining, so filling the days will soon become more of a challenge but for now, swimming in his little inflatable pool is still the highlight of Corrigan’s day. We bought a floating LED light thingy, for night swims, but Corrigan is such a child of routine and never wants to stay awake much past 8pm, so he hasn’t seen that level of pool fun yet. I’m pretty sure he will love it, heck *I* love it-it makes the side of my house look like a disco! For now though, he is happy with Daddy playing shark (and a few beginning swim lessons for him too- Daddy used to be a swim instructor) and his wind-up Nemo. I am thankful for the mild summer weather and this little nook on the side of our house.

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