Swallow Falls State Park: Oakland, Maryland

Two posts in one day? What is this world coming to? It’s like I don’t even know me. (do you prefer photos in a slideshow like in the last post, or spread out one-by-one, like this post?)

While I was uploading photos for the last post, I noticed that I had never shared the photos that I took a few weekends ago at Swallow Falls State Park.  This little excursion was a spur-of-the-moment thing for Corrigan and I, as Mark had originally planned to take only Connor up to the park so that he (Connor) could jump off of the rocks and rocket down a few waterfalls with the rest of the crazy-people.   And I was totally prepared to stay behind with Corrigan and get into our own fun, but then I looked outside and it was so beautiful, the temperature was perfect and the idea of being indoors for most of the day seemed unfair, so I threw a bunch of stuff into a bag, packed Corrigan’s feeding pump and supplies and off we all went.

So unlike me.

The plan was to hang out with Corrigan, just he and I, and not impede on any of the fun the big boys had planned so I figured that even if he and I were just playing on a blanket in the grass, or throwing a ball around, we could have some fun too.  It had been years since I had been up there, and I vaguely remembered always wanting to splash around in the water, but I remembered it being very rocky and the water much too fast, so I didn’t wear my own swimsuit.  Big mistake.  I also didn’t plan on Corrigan getting in any water either, but in our house swim trunks count as pants on a daily basis, so he was more than ready when I decided to go ahead and let him get in.

Quick tube lunch on the hike down to the river…
SWF 1 fr copy
He was unsure and tentative at first.
SWF 4 fr copy


SWF 2 fr copy


SWF 3 fr copy

Connor had been at a friend’s house the night before and was running on -3 hours of sleep, I am pretty sure all he wanted to do, after exploring the falls with his Dad for hours, was take a nap.  Right there in the water.

SWF 11 fr copy


SWF 6 fr copy

No danger here, the first small set of “falls” were behind the people here, but it was just a few inches drop and there was a calm pool right before.  The rest of the falls are farther down below and then another set down stream a bit.

SWF 10 fr copy


SWF 9 fr copy


SWF 8 fr copy


SWF 12 fr copy


SWF 7 fr copy


SWF 18 fr copy


SWF 19 fr copy


SWF 20 fr copy


SWF 15 fr copy


SWF 14 fr' copy

Midway through the afternoon, I realized that it was time for another of Corrigan’s tube feedings.   Thankfully he had worn his pack down and I had filled the bag with two meals worth of formula, because I cannot imagine having to force that kid back up the hill to the car, wet and unhappy.

So you’d think that I made him sit on a rock on the side of the river for awhile for his lunch, right?


We tube-fed right there in the river, water rushing all around, I stood nearby as he splashed and sang songs (he had to remain sitting, of course) and he had his lunch.  I’m not sure what everyone thought of that sight, but I don’t really care.  He has gone shirtless all summer, for the first time since his g-tube was installed, and I expected more questions, but people have been pretty cool about it.  If anything, it makes people nicer.

So yeah, that was weird- middle-of-the-river tube feeding, that is.  But it went fast, I unplugged him and he went back to being a regular kid.  Oh, and I didn’t plan for him to get wet remember, so he didn’t have any shoes that were meant for water. I don’t usually keep Corrigan in sandals just because he has all sorts of issues with his ankles and he has a strange walking/running gait that causes him to trip a lot too, but after the third or fourth crash onto unforgiving rocks, I gave in and just let him play in his brand new sneakers. Ugh.  They still smell like river water.

SWF 13 fr copy


Shout out to my husband who has been eating clean since very early Spring and has lots more than 50lbs! I am so proud of him! (you should see him even since these photos, rawr!)

SWF 16 fr copy


SWF 5 fr copy

It was a really great day.  Scratch that, a really excellent day.  I made a snap decision to do something with Corrigan that was totally out of my comfort zone and it worked out well.  Corrigan and I hung out on the top in the tiny rapids for a few hours and despite my copious use of SPF 90000, there was no shade and the rushing water must have wiped it off of certain spots, because Little C ended up with his first real sunburn of the season, so that was upsetting, but he had no complaints and nothing ended up even peeling, so I am hopeful that was a lesson learned and nothing more.  I suffered so many horrible sunburns in my youth, in the days before sunscreen use was the norm, some bubbling up into huge shoulder-covering blisters and causing me so much pain- I never want my kids to experience that but things happen.  Next time we reapply more.  And maybe buy a hat.

Both kids were exhausted and slept the entire ride home and both were in bed for the night before 8pm.


SWF 26 fr copy


Don’t kill me for that photo, Connor.  I owe ya one.


2 thoughts on “Swallow Falls State Park: Oakland, Maryland

    • Thank you Glenn! I don’t know what the future holds for Corrigan, so capturing memories seems far more important than it might be otherwise.


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