Ohiopyle State Park: October 2014

We had not been up to Ohiopyle for more than six years. In fact, I found out that I was pregnant with Corrigan the day after our last visit in 2007! (edited to add photo)  Here is a photo that Mark took of me at Ohiopyle in 2007, I was pregnant here and didn’t have a clue for another 24 hours!


I think we were there a little too early in the season for splashy Autumn colors this year, but there were a few bursts here and there. It was still so lovely to take in the scent of fallen pine needles and witness God’s splendor! We were missing big brother though as he was spending the afternoon with his girlfriend’s family.

Wait! look! There’s Connor at Ohiopyle after all, just 7 years ago instead of yesterday!


Okay, enough with the flashbacks, though I sure love ’em, back to the more recent stuff.

OP 12 Full Res

Random shot, unposed, of a sweet moment between Corrigan and Daddy… OP 8 Full Res

Just a quick shot, he was singing and jumping while taking it all in. (He rarely stops moving) OP 11 Full Res

Oh my, was he so excited when he saw the plaque about trains and then noticed the one shown was a local one! OP 10 Full Res

I see all of these amazing child photographers, with their dreamy, saturated photos and I just wanted to try something similar out with one of these shots. A little “too much” for my tastes, but still fun to play! OP 1 Full Res

He heard something up in the trees… OP 13 Full Res

I still enjoy a good black and white photo, even when the original shot is dying to have a little color explosion. OP 5 Full Res

Should have tossed this one, but I like the way the camera underexposed for the sunburst…( I wasn’t paying a ton of attention to my settings, I was just trying to keep up with the boys!) OP 14 Full Res

I took this while we were taking a brief break from walking. This direct eye contact is still so thrilling. He has such soulful eyes. OP 2 full res

Different trees yielded such different light as the afternoon moved into evening… OP 15 Full Res

What?!?! I just want to keep walking, mom. OP 16 Full Res

You know me, I am a sucker for the “holding Daddy’s hand, shoot from behind” thing… OP 9 Full Res

He has no idea why I wanted him to stand right there… OP 7 Full Res

He was curious in the Visitor’s Center (which is very new and very nice!) OP 6 Full Res

Doesn’t he look so small? OP 4 Full Res

There’s Daddy looking dapper! OP 17 Full Res

Hey look! There I am! Four layers of clothing to keep warm and all patience with the world g-o-n-e.  Notice I put the older shot of myself waaaaaayyyyy up at the top of the post so you can’t play “find all of the wrinkles and gray hairs”? OP 18 Full Res

And finally, my favorite shot of the day…. OP 3 Full Res

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