January 1, 2015

IMG_4786 (1)

“Will he ever understand how to use the word “Mommy” in a meaningful way?”

“All of this would be so much easier if he could just show some affection and receive it without discomfort.”

“One day, when he is older, I pray that he will learn enough words or sign language, to at least be able to tell us what hurts.”

“If he could just________________________________________”

Oh Mindy.  Sweet, stressed-out, 6 years-ago Mindy…give him time.  Give him tools, give him love and then just watch him shine.

This boy, he is shining alright.  After so many sad holidays, picking out toys meant for kids much younger than his chronological age, this year his gifts were closer to age-appropriate and he can use them all by himself.  Switches, levers, multiple pieces? No problem!

He calls for me now, by the most lovely name in the world…Mommy.  When he is hurt, he shows us, he points to places and sometimes can even find exactly the right words too.  He loves us all with all of his heart and shows it in completely normal, well-adjusted ways now.  The hugs are plentiful, the kisses he welcomes and he will tell me – often and out of the blue- “I love you!”

He reads, he is learning to write, he sits in a class of two dozen “typical” kids. Where Corrigan is now, compared to even just a year ago?  Completely different child.  I am going to go and write down a few more “wishes” for him and sit back and watch him cross each one off. In his own time, of course.

He is doing amazingly well, you’d be so proud of him.  We sure are.

3 thoughts on “January 1, 2015

  1. Proud of Corrigan… you should be. However, there are those, like your family and close friends, who are, quite rightly, proud of you. You are a wonderful “Mommy”, a Godly Mommy. I am sure that you are the Mommy that God needed for Corrigan and he chose you to be that woman. Keep praying, keep making those wishes and always trust in the Lord for the outcome. I know that saying that is easy for me as I am not in your place, but you are in that place and you have experienced seeing those wishes come true. You know that it can happen. May God bless you and your family in a most exciting way in this new year…


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