January update

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The end of the month is near, time for a quick update for January!

He hasn’t been in the hospital since his brief stay before Christmas and has been doing well. He has tried to catch a few viruses, but he shakes all of his symptoms pretty quickly (why this year?) yet both Mark and I have been catching everything that comes down the road. I don’t understand but will happily take the stomach flu if it means that Corrigan doesn’t get it.  (okay, not happily, that was awful).

All of the snow delays, school closings and scheduled January days off have him quite off of his routine but he is powering through much better than in years past.  His ability to handle new transitions is rapidly improving and we are seeing far fewer notes home about negative behaviors than last year this same time.

His speech is exploding, I should probably write down the new phrases and sentences that he spouts off daily, it is so wonderful to hear fluid language come from his mouth.  Of course, we are still dealing with lots of echolalic speech, especially if he is unsure or not 100% comfortable, but his spontaneous speech has been out-of-this-world this week and I do not know why the words are coming, but I will take it!

Wanted to share a little story from this morning that I think shows that Corrigan understands more than just repetitive phrases, he is actually beginning to understand context.   A brief little bit of info first.  Mark and I have an older model weather-alert alarm clock.  Its primary purpose is to wake us at a predetermined time but it also has awesome features if there are emergency alerts etc.  Because of this, the alarm is loud and annoying. In fact, we pretty much never hear it because Mark and I never sleep long enough to be woken by an alarm but we set it just in case. In fact, we use it so rarely, Corrigan hasn’t even ever heard it before. Okay, backstory finished.

This morning I got him up for school and was heading downstairs when I heard the alarm clock go off in our bedroom.  Mark had forgotten to slide the alarm off when he woke and was not nearby either when it signaled.  I was turning around to head back upstairs to turn the rackety thing off when Corrigan suddenly came running around the corner….

Corrigan: “Help! Help!”

Me: What’s up, buddy?

Corrigan: Hear it? Iffa hear it, a FIRETRUCK!

It was then I realized that he thought that he was hearing a smoke detector not a bedroom alarm clock.

Me: Wow Corrigan, you are quite a hero, good work telling me about the fire alarm you heard, but it is just something called an alarm clock, come look.

We went to turn it off together and when he saw Daddy he immediately told him…

Corrigan: No fire, ARM CLOCK!

Pretty impressive, little man.  You keep on with your Fire Rescue self!

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