47th Annual Heritage Days Festival.

Today was the 47th annual Heritage Days Festival in our little mountain city. I have walked the streets of this festival since I was a toddler and even though not much changes there, from year to year, it is still a special event in our community. It is fun to see so many familiar faces that I normally only get to see on Facebook.

So today Corrigan rode a train (see previous post full of photos!) AND a horse for the first time…we really asked a lot of him today and he did a wonderful job. It isn’t easy to battle so many sensory and anxiety issues in such a crowded and noisy environment but we felt that this was the year he could handle it, and he proved us right.

After a long morning in town, he spent the afternoon swimming in his inflatable pool at home and conked out early, sunkissed despite the overcast weather and satisfied. It was a very good day!

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