First train ride: Scenic Railroad

Corrigan took his first ride on the scenic railroad this morning! He loves trains, more especially his beloved 734 Steam Engine, so we had high hopes that he would really enjoy the trip. He was anxious, his normal chirping and flapping ceased to exist as he sat quietly and a little worriedly, but eventually he relaxed enough to move around a bit. The whistle did upset him, in a few photos you can see the stone-faced expression that he makes when something has absolutely freaked him out, but I am proud of how he didn’t let anything today get to him in any way that ruined his good time.

The temperature was nearing 90 degrees though, and we were warned it would be hot and stuffy in the caboose, so he had to wear his backpack that has his feeding pump inside to keep him extra hydrated in the heat. There’s nearly nothing he cannot do with his tubie, such a helpful part of his life. With extra fluids, carbs and calories we hope that nothing he did today will work to upset his current stability. It is always a risk doing too many things on a hot summer day, but I am hopeful that he will be fine.

On to the photos!

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