Peak echolalia-tolerance

happy blizzard boy

It’s been a long week for many people in the Tri-State area, as we recover from the more than 2 feet of snow Winter storm Jonas dropped on our doorsteps.  January itself has been a long, tedious month indoor-time, as Cor spent four days inpatient at Hopkins and then another five sequestered at home to recover before being released back to school. He was only in school for 3 days when the storm showed up and has been home since.

The last six and a half days.

He’s been great though!  Cheerful, expressive, sleeping well and playing independently, however he is echolalic, which means that he repeats words, phrases, movie lyrics and songs over and over and over and over, sometimes as replacement for communicative speech but more often out of comfort and habit.   I don’t wear a cape, I’m just a normal human being, with maybe slightly-than higher patience for this kind of thing…and while our house has many places to play and spread out, I still hear it all- for hours and hours-until I think I’d prefer a kind of temporary deafness than listen to one more recitation of the PBS intro that precedes each morning show.

“Funding for WordWorld is provided by… a grant from the United States Department of Education and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by contributions to your PBS station from Viewers Like You. Thank You!”

Imagine hearing the above, italicized, phrase 100 times a day.

I’m thrilled he has speech. It’s a weird place to sit, like a lot of things with Corrigan, between those years where I didn’t think he would ever say “Mommy” and now worn down from the 7th grade-level words he parrots.  I’m thrilled he can correctly (mostly) pronounce words like CORPORATION and CONTRIBUTIONS, and he can write them from his head on his Magnadoodle,or tablet, I am.   And it tickles me, that when he can’t think of the show he wants, he can recite that phrase and it helps me to narrow down his choices, but I’ve reached peak echolalia tolerance.

I’m only human.


Or I’m moving to the porch.

corrigan snow shovel 2016


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