Recent pics

Sharing some recent photos from my phone’s camera roll.  Corrigan is doing really well.  He is now almost 3 months on his new whole foods, organic, plant-based formula (Liquid Hope) and is simply thriving!  Below is a photo of Cor last Spring, same week, and then this year.  He’s clearly had a growth spurt and you can just see how healthy he is right now.  We are super thankful for a relatively easy winter sick-season, with just the one hospitalization due to intestinal issue, nothing at all hit him flu, virus, fever or infection at ALL this season. A miracle, and we are so thankful.  I know, I already said that.  Grateful then.  Thankfully grateful. Gratefully thankful.


The other shots are just random,I guess.  A new selfie (Ugh, the worst. so much editing of the wrinkles) and a collage of Mark and I on our third date night since Connor left for college last August.  We needed it, even if we just ate dinner, went to CVS and came back home because we never know what to do with ourselves. And we have no friends. Ha.

The shot through the blooms was taken by Abbey. Love that shot! I want it on canvas. It’s rare to have both of my boys in one shot.

I tossed in my usual required “window shot” from our April Hopkins appointment, tried something new this time instead of sitting him on the window sill (though I got that shot too for consistency’s sake) and really like the way he looked a little contemplative.

Speaking of appointments…his chest port has failed.  We thought that it was improperly flushed after his January Hopkins scare, and even after a chest xray that was the prevailing thought, so they tried various things to unclog a possible clot, until the xray was re-read and determined that the line has slipped out of the main artery into a neighboring vein and has to be removed and replaced.  Soon.  Not what we wanted to hear, but that little device has been implanted since he was 10 months old…we got almost 7 years out of it, that is AMAZING, so we will likely sign for a new one and move on with life.   A medi-port is a blessing.  It just makes his medical life SOOOOO much easier. Surgery is always a risk with my sweetie, but this is important, so we sign the papers and pray.

That’s all for now. Hope you are all well!

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