Happy Birthday and surgery

Corrigan finally had his port replacement surgery last week and all is well. The surgeon was able to remove the old port and line and thread in a new one, despite concerns that his line had become embedded into a vein wall due the length of time he’d had the port. 

He was admitted the night before as a precaution. Metabolic kids are usually unable to fast prior to surgery so he needed to be admitted in order to provide metabolic support during those fasting hours.  He received plenty of D10 and a tiny hourly dose of his rescue medication just to keep things nice and stable. He was in his own bed, after a long drive home, by Friday evening and seems to be fully recovered a week later! 

He’s such a tough kid. He never complains when he’s inpatient. He’s compliant and easy to please and even sleeps really well in the hospital. I don’t know how I got so lucky with this kid but I’m in awe of his attitude and strive to be more like him. 

Here’s another photo dump from the past few weeks, including photos from his eighth birthday. Yes, eight! 

Your comments are appreciated!

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