Cresaptown General

This past Christmas I told myself that if something wasn’t played with, it was being returned, because I’m tired of only about 40% true success rate on the gift vs true interest thing and I’m not made of money. Two things went back almost immediately (one didn’t work and the other was just wayyyyyy over his skill level) and we tried to really think about what he liked before we re-ordered. 
Oddly (sadly?), he loves to turn all of his dragon/pirate/firemen/alien playsets into Johns Hopkins or WMHS hospitals. It’s what he knows. So, we bought the kid a dang hospital. It arrived yesterday and had 4,000 pieces and took me 26 hours to assemble (and I invented two new bad words)…BUT FINALLY!
As of 8:30am there have already been 19 port flushes and 10 g-tube changes. Going to be a busy day at Cresaptown General. 

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