National Critical Care Transport Nurses Day

I know that there are a lot of “National So-and-So” days this time of year. Families entrenched in the medical world can be super thankful people, and we like to set aside days to shout our thankfulness to the world. It was Feeding Tube Awareness last week and on February 29th, we will also be celebrating Rare Disease day. On those days we spread awareness, but also share how grateful we are too. We know that alone on this journey, we would be so very lost.  

In that spirit, I’m sending out my love and thankfulness in honor of National Critical Care Transport Nurses Day!

I’ve followed way too many ambulances to Baltimore, hypnotized by the lights in front of me, incredulous that my own child was inside. I’ve rode in ambulances, and nearly lost my lunch from the motion sickness, while highly-qualified folks tended to my much-sicker little man without hesitation. And with heaps of kindness.  

I’ve sat in that uncomfortable jumpseat in the Medevac and prayed my heart out as I watched the monitors, unable to hear a dang thing or touch my child, but comforted that beside him is a critical care nurse that will move mountains to make sure my child arrives alive. 

The photo in today’s post is from October 2014. He was so sick. Somewhere over Frederick, my heart stopped pounding long enough to shakily pull my phone from my pocket and sneak a photo. Later, I noticed that Corrigan had his hand on the flight nurse’s knee.

Thank you to each and every person that has escorted my child to a place that could heal him. 

(Edited to add: When Corrigan was born and was seizing and first slipped into a coma, he was transported west to a University hospital. There was another critical newborn and only one ambulance. Corrigan and this little baby SHARED AND INCUBATOR AND AN AMBULANCE to save their lives. Can you imagine being the critical care nurse(s) on THAT ride?)


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