Listed: Week 4 (a little late)

Hello friends! I didn’t update last week because, well, literally nothing happened! We didn’t have labs or any appointments so we stayed indoors and away from germs. It’s working out well, he’s healthy and strong and hasn’t even had a sniffle.

Corrigan had his labs today though and on Wednesday his transplant status will change and he will move up to the second highest status available (the highest status, you never want to be. Those folks have less than 72 hours to live😩) so we anticipate things moving quickly after this change, but of course we can’t know.

We have decided to use COTA (Children’s Organ Transplant Association) as our fundraising site for Corrigan’s transplant. Corrigan’s surgery is covered through state government medical management for rare and expensive disorders, so we do not have surgery costs to worry about, however we will likely need a little help to make up for the weeks away from home and work-and for the food and travel costs as we are running back and forth for appointments and such.

(Screen shot only. Link to donate below!)

After about 10-14 days after surgery, he will be discharged to an apartment or room in the DC area and it will still be many weeks before I can bring him home. Your donations will help me stock the fridge and cupboards and help pay bills until we can get back home and get life back on track.

In order to not disturb Corrigan’s benefits, and not have any donations count as income, COTA provides a 100% tax deduction on your gift and shelters that money from any IRS claims. This is important to us as we want to make sure we are doing things correctly and by the letter of the law.

You can rest assured that your money will ONLY be used for transplant expenses, I cannot even use it for car repair, clothing or any “entertainment” …just food, gas and tolls, housing while in Georgetown and our household bills for the first 30 days after transplant. The $20,000 goal is set by COTA (the minimum)

Any monies donated to COTA, in Corrigan’s honor, are his for life and can be used for each and every trip down to D.C. for follow ups, biopsies or hospitalizations related to his new liver, and gas and food etc for each of those trips. The money never expires. It’s his forever.

I have to provide receipts for any reimbursements and I am telling you this because I want you to feel comfortable that truly every penny donated on his behalf will strictly be for Corrigan (and for mom and dad to eat and keep things going at home)

We thank you in advance if you’re able to help. Because Mark is a contractor, we do not have any sick, personal or vacation pay, and though we’ve been trying to save, it’s been very hard.

If you feel led to help, follow the link to Corrigan’s page below!


Your comments are appreciated!

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