Post-Christmas Post

Post-Christmas Post

Christmas was great. It really and truly was. I had no expectations going into this holiday, things have been so up and down with Corrigan’s health there was no time to dwell on anything else really, so when he woke on Christmas morning fully engaged, filled with wonder and awe, and in one of the best moods he’s had in ages…well, it was a Christmas miracle!

I didn’t take a ton of photos, but we did do video this year and once I get a handle on an editing program I have, I might try putting something together to share.  I did grab a few photos with my phone though and thought that I would plop them down here for posterity.

Connor, age 16 and Corrigan, 5 1/2…Christmas 2013.

I saw some genuine smiles out of my oldest, which is rare in teen boys as I understand it, and that just made my heart happy.

Our tree was enormous, it was Mark’s year to choose the tree shape (I prefer a taller, skinnier tree) but in the end Connor was the one that chose and cut that monster down himself and that big, fat lady grew on me in no time.

Corrigan was hard to shop for this year, he has matured so much developmentally that I knew he was well past baby toys, but not quite at age-level for most things that were available, so he got a lot of puzzles and play sets. He literally loved every single thing that he received, but clearly one toy emerged as the winner this year.

I’ve been searching for new reels to add to the handful that came with the viewfinder, but they are pretty pricey on ebay…how did this toy ever go out of style? No batteries, no complicated parts, it is such a fun and simple toy!

Now on to the New Year! We do not have any big plans but it would be nice to get out of the house, that’s for sure. Our car’s alternator went out two days before Christmas,  and it was our only running vehicle so none of us have left the house in more than four days and we are, to put it mildly, all a little stir crazy. Mark made a good point though last evening, remarking that nearly everyone we know, work with, or talk to online, is suffering from some sort of viral illness, his own mom was hospitalized with the flu this week, and by having our car out of service, and time off from school perfectly timed when everyone seems the most sick, perhaps God had a plan for us to be snuggled up tight in our house, with everything we need here inside, for awhile to keep Corrigan safe and healthy. I just love that man and his positive attitude. You’ve never met someone that can so easily forget the bad things in the past and only remember the good. His is my opposite and I am so thankful for him!

Corrigan does have to go back to Johns Hopkins for a few days right after the New Year, so if you could be in prayer for that, I’d be most appreciative. Some of his labs are still kooky and there is concern that his medicine may be to blame. The team wants to make a dose adjustment and do twice-daily labs and that is best done under careful observation in a hospital setting so we will head down in about 2 weeks and hang out for awhile. It will be nice (as “nice” as a hospital stay can be!) to be there in a non-crisis situation though, and he won’t need to be tethered to machines so we will have a lot more freedom. Lord willing, this will be the ONLY hospitalization in 2014 because we sure have had our fill of them!