School Spirit Week: Crazy Sock Day

School Spirit Week Crazy Sock Day

It is “School Spirit Week” at Corrigan’s school. Today’s theme was “crazy socks” and I would say he was pretty proud of his socks this morning.  Here’s a quick shot I took right before the bus arrived…

His “socks” are actually called Skidders and they are a sock and shoe combo. The package said, “For indoor and outdoor use” but I’d actually purchased them as slippers for around our house in the winter. Corrigan is an accident waiting to happen when he is in just his socks, running around on our hard wood floors but he hates bulky slippers- no matter how cute the cartoon character on them might be.  Skidders keep his feet warm and also give him some traction however it is nearly impossible to find his size in stores.  I was pretty tickled to find two pair at Big Lots yesterday.

I sent his regular shoes to school “just in case” but when I picked him up he still had them on. And he was mighty upset when I took them off for his “afternoon rest”.

How grown up is my littlest man starting to look? Breaks my heart and thrills my heart at the same time.