Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Remember I said that Corrigan was all fixed up (metabolically) until he caught a virus or something bacterial? Yeah, he made it one week.  Saturday morning he woke completely congested and choking on his own phlegm. He went to bed totally healthy and woke sick as a dog. *sigh*

But that is the risk of sending him to school, and he made it an entire week without any absences so he really had a chance to get back into the routines at school.   He needs an education, interaction and therapy, even though school is a hotbox of sickness this time of year, so I fortify him the best that I can and put him on a bus. We would prefer to live in a bubble but none of us are special educators here, and YouTube isn’t a very good substitute for Ms. Beth. Thankfully he has kicked the chest cold really quickly though, and because there is not any school today due to the MLK holiday, there won’t be a stern letter in the mail addressed to “The Parents of…”! Chalk a win up for mommy, take that truancy board!

Today he is pretty much back to his normal self and was in quite the happy mood earlier in the day. I snapped some photos of my little goober laughing himself silly that his GI Joe “accidentally” fell into the sink while he was helping me with the dishes.  Dare you not to smile…

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and just for fun…because c’mon, TWO of Corrigan would be so much more fun….

Pretty sure his teacher would say, “Oh my!”