What Should I Look for When Buying a Swing Set?

What Should I Look for When Buying a Swing Set

Building a swing set can be a challenging task to take on and often requires careful planning. Swing is an enjoyable play for all ages and gender. However, it also leads to a fatal accident if not installed properly. It also leads to severe injuries because of poor installation, bad hardware materials life fastener’s. Therefore before buying a swing set you should consider the following without fail.

Though it is enjoyable to play activities for children, among the swings selecting the best swing sets for small yards is also important. Selecting an inferior type or poor design and quality will lead to perennial consequences. Therefore the type of swing set is also important and the external soil condition and hardware accessories.

There are three types of swing sets: it can be square-based or angle based made of wood, steel, or single line nylon rope or plastic. However, the swing set with plastic material is not recommended for all children–the plastic material may be suitable for a small kid’s age between 2 – 3.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Swing Set

 Some information about the swing sets

Wooden swing sets

The mainframe beam and side vertical support should not be less than 4 x 4 sizes. The horizontal mainframe and vertical side support should be well secured with anti-corrosive hardware’s vertical side support should be well buried in the soil with additional cross beams at a 45-degree angle. The height of the beam should not be less than 6 feet.

We recommend teak wood; it is also expensive. However; it is durable and can withstand all weather and not affected by termite. It lasts longer.

The other wood-like red sander can also be used, however, do not go for cost-effective wood, which may not last long.

Metal swing sets

Like the wooden swing set the metal frame, a beam made of steel 100mm x 100 mm with 3mm thick is the best and more durable though the metal is corrosive to weather this can be overcome by applying good sanding and treating with anti-corrosive epoxy paint, like the paint used for ships is the best. This can withstand all kinds of weather.

Another best option will be SS 304 grade metal which is very expensive, however, it is strong and can stand in all kinds of weather where the painting is not required. The suspended chain can be strong metal links or nylon ropes to withstand above 150 kgs of weight.

Another cheap material like plastic/nylon material is not recommended.

Single line rope swing

The single line rope swing with wooden plank is very suitable for an adult-use the rope must be not less than 50mm in diameter, it should well securely fixed on the mainframe beam.

The base plank should be smooth with no sharp edges, the level should be at 2 feet from the ground, the rope should not expand, however, this swing needs frequent maintenance check and replace the rope as required.

Factors to consider about the swing

This is the most important factor to consider is the external soil condition. Strong clay soil is the best for setting up, however loose sandy soil or lime-like soil condition requires an addition to side and cross anchors with good pile depth which ensures the swings do not collapse while in use. Use a good grade of concrete to anchor the side supports.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Swing Set

Few points to keep in mind before procuring the swing

Easy access for the children

You must set the swing up at a simple level to get access, so that while attempting to get in children should not fall backward or excess lean-to trip over, Hence the access is very important.

Drop line grip

The dropline suspension should have adequate knurling to have grip hold, if it is of metal chain link the joint must be smooth well ground so it does not hurt. If holding grip is inadequate, it will throw the children out of the swing leading to fatal accidents.

Strong seat

The swing seat must be strong enough made of wood, fiber, or metal it must stand minimum weight so that while in use it does not come off from its positing.

Safety belt

Children with age below 6 should have a safety belt tied up to suspendable chain support so that in the event of missing the grip the safety belt on the chest and waist seat will prevent the children from being thrown off the swing.

Hardware fasteners

The fasteners used for joining the swings should be of excellent quality commercial grade, this part mustn’t tear off while in use.


While looking into the durability it is the metal swing that comes to first place, it lasts long and cost-effective, proper design fabricated with adequate supports and fasteners.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Swing Set

Important safety features to consider

For any activity of sports, safety is the most important factor which should not compromise. The below points are the key factors to consider without fail.

  •       Adequate minimum space to set up
  •       Restrict people from passing through
  •       Avoid trip over
  •       Use strong suspendable supports
  •       Good commercial quality hardware
  •       Anticorrosive materials to be used
  •       Anticorrosive paint to be used
  •       Epoxy mix with hardener and setter
  •       MRF grade polyurethane paints
  •       Seats must be strong enough to make the minimum weight
  •       The height of the swing set can be between 4 to 8 feet maximum
  •       More the height, more the danger involved
  •       Avoid excess height
  •       Though height will increase the swing length and more thrilled
  •       The height will also increase the swing speed, which is dangerous
  •       The height will also lead to through the user of the swing
  •       Leading to the fatal incident


Swing is a thrilling, enjoyable game suitable for all ages and gender. The best swing sets for small yards is made of steel beams 100 mm x 100 mm with 3mm thick metal and supports the same size with strong spendable chains, seats made of comfortable fiber/wood material or rubber is recommended. However, the swing vertical supports must well anchor to the ground with the height clearance to get the maximum enjoyable mode.

Information about the swing set on the internet is very minimal, which makes it hard decisions to buy; the above information will be useful, to begin with.  Wish you the best to buy and proceed further to enjoy.